Home Protection – Do You Need a Guard Dog?

We can install all kinds of security features in our homes for protection. But there is nothing quite like having a canine friend who will put themselves on the line to protect your family and your home. Most people don’t need a well-trained guard dog, their family pet will do the trick. Here are some things to think about before training your family pet to be a guard dog.

Having a suspicious dog?

Most guard dogs are used for a specific purpose, many law enforcement agencies use guard dogs for protection amongst other things. They are highly trained animals that keep people alive during tense situations. They are trained to be suspicious of others because that’s what is required in their job. If you’re thinking about training a family pet, ask yourself if you want them to be suspicious of others. A family dog will naturally protect your family from strangers, but having an unfriendly dog isn’t always a great asset.

You can bring any breed of dog to go dog training in Sydney, but a lot of the time it isn’t necessary. If you live in a bad neighbourhood or you’ve good reason to train your dog to be suspicious of others, then professional instruction will help. If you want to train your dog, you should also consider the breed.

Will any dog do?

Not all dogs can be guard dogs, some are more suited than others. Most guard dogs are trained for the military, police and other security-related positions. They are trained to be incredibly obedient to ensure they act in the right manner during complicated situations. If your dog is professionally trained, their personality might change. Although this isn’t a bad thing, you must be aware of it when they attend a training centre.


It all depends on your situation, if you think you really need a guard dog, then go for a breed that is easy to train as a guard dog. If you’ve a family pet at home that is alert, obedient and barks when they hear a strange noise, you’ve a natural protector already.

If you think that a guard dog will make you feel more secure, make sure you train or buy one from a reputable training centre. If you’d like both a pet and guard dog combination, try go for a dog that is friendly and good with children. You should be selective based on their temperament, breed and ability to be trained.

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