7 Creative Wall Paint Ideas to Try in 2022

Painting your walls is the quickest and easiest way to revamp your space and breathe life into it. Colours affect our mood significantly and hence you must carefully choose the hues that you want to paint your home in.

Want to have fun with your wall colours and are looking for creative and unique wall painting ideas? Read along to find out about 7 brilliant wall painting designs that you can introduce to your home in 2022.

Gingham style 

Have a vintage or retro-themed house? Why not paint your walls in a gingham style using white as the base colour and another colour of your choice to create stripes? Nothing screams old Hollywood and 70s era like the gingham pattern.

You can consider painting a feature wall in your dining room, living room or bedroom in gingham style if you are not up to painting an entire room in gingham print.

Ombre effect 

Are you obsessed with the golden hour or how the ocean and the sky meet at the horizon to form a perfect blend of shades of blue? Why not create that for your abode? You can now recreate the ombre effect you see in the sky during sunset by painting your walls in hues like yellow, orange and red. The ombre effect instantly makes your space radiate a fun, energetic and warm vibe.

This wall painting design is perfect for people who have modern, bohemian, or tropical houses.

Colour wash effect 

Do you love how watercolours look on a canvas when they blend into each other? If yes, then the colour wash effect is a perfect choice for you. The colour wash effect makes your space radiate a soft, dreamy and abstract vibe.

Whether you have a modern-themed house or a bohemian house, the colour wash effect is perfect for people who are looking to experiment with their walls but don’t want to go for something too loud or overbearing.

Colour blocks 

Want your place to scream optimism and happiness? You need to introduce bright colour blocks into your walls. You can either choose 2 or 3 bold paints and use them for a single room or use a single colour and use different shades of the same paint colour for different blocks. Some recommended colours which you must consider using are blue, pink, yellow, green, orange etc.

Embrace the wilderness 

Are you a nature enthusiast? Why not bring the outdoors inside and transform your home into a space that replicates the calm and grounding energy which you feel in a forest or a mountain?

You can consider drawing mountains, trees, flowers, oceans and forests on your walls and transform your home into your own sanctuary.

Vertical stripes 

Want to make your space look spacious and bigger than it is? Why not introduce vertical stripes into your space? You can use vertical stripes for your dining room, kid’s room or bedroom. You can either go for a black-and-white theme for the stripes or choose light hues like butter yellow, lilac, sunshine yellow, blue etc. to make the space look light, airy and warm.


Looking for a wall painting design idea that is bold, fun and easy to paint? You must consider using prints and patterns on your walls to add some pizzazz to your dreary walls. We are talking about geometric patterns, polka dots, mandala designs, checkered prints etc. Make sure that you keep in mind the theme of your house while choosing the patterns so that they match the overall aesthetics of your place.

So, which of these wall painting ideas did you love the most? Looking for house interior design inspirations to try in 2022? Go to Asian Paints website and browse through their website to seek house interior design inspirations to decorate your home in a way that makes you feel proud.

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