Space-saving Furniture Ideas for Small Homes

More and more people are shifting to metropolitan cities these days. Although there are many advantages to staying in one, there are many disadvantages as well. Among all the issues, the biggest issue that people face is the space crunch. Most modern homes in big cities are quite small and compact. As a result, accommodating all the furniture pieces often becomes impossible. This does not mean you can fit all the necessary furniture pieces in your home. Instead of opting for regular furniture pieces, you can consider choosing space-saving furniture that will help to create more free space in your home and make the interior design appear spacious. If you are not sure about the type of space-saving furniture you should get, here are a few options you can consider:

01 of 06 Buy beds that offer storage

Beds are the primary furniture pieces in the bedroom. Since beds are quite large, they occupy a lot of space. You cannot find a furniture piece that can replace it. Some people believe that skipping the bed altogether and laying the mattress on the floor will be beneficial. However, that is not the case. This is because you can find a bed that can perform more than one function and makes use of the space efficiently. A bed with storage is a great idea for small bedrooms. You can easily create a lot of storage areas without occupying any extra space. This space can be used for storing various items like your warm clothes, extra pillows, luggage, etc. As a result, the interior design does not appear cluttered.

02 of 06 Trundle beds for kids

If you have two kids, you will have to be very careful when designing their bedroom. If the home is small, you will not be able to fit all the items inside. Hence, you will have to be smart while choosing the furniture pieces for your kids’ bedroom. Fitting two beds can get very difficult in a small room. Even if you can fit, very little room might be left for the free flow of traffic. To ensure that difficult movement space is available and the room appears organised, it is better to choose trundle beds. Trundle beds come with a movable shelf under the bed. You can lay a mattress on the shelf and turn it into an extra bed while sleeping. During the morning, you can push the shelf back under the bed and the room will get more spacious.

03 of 06 Sofa-cum-beds

A sofa-cum-bed is certainly one of the most common options you can consider while choosing space-saving furniture for your home. They are perfect for emergency situations. When you have guests over and do not have an extra bed for your guests, you can turn the sofa into a bed at night so that people can sleep comfortably. In the morning, you can turn the bed back to the sofa so that people can sit. The size of the bed depends on the size of the sofa you choose. A three-seater sofa is perfect for accommodating two guests when you turn it into a bed.

04 of 06 Sofas that come with storage space

The sofa is the primary furniture in the living room. It occupies a lot of space and accommodating one in a small living room design can get very difficult. Even though it is the biggest piece in the room, you cannot get rid of it. Hence, you can consider opting for a sofa that can serve more than one purpose. There are lots of sofas available in the market that offer additional storage space. You can consider choosing a sofa with storage so that you can easily store various essential items in it and prevent your living room from getting cluttered. In most cases, they come with drawers that allow you to store plenty of items in them.

05 of 06 Make use of the space below the sink

The space below the sink often gets unnoticed. If you stay in a small home, you must make use of space efficiently. Hence, it is crucial to use the space under the sink. There are various unique ways you can come up with to make use of this space. For instance, you can install wire racks so that your cleaning supplies can be stored here. Just make sure that you wire racks that can easily fit in two rows. This will ensure that you make use of the space efficiently.

06 of 06 Shoe rack with a sitting space

In most cases, people opt for simple and minimalist shoe racks. Although they are great for small homes, you can consider buying one that comes with a resting top so that you can sit when necessary. This will allow you to comfortably sit and wear your laced shoes. Hence, the shoe racks act as a bench as well. You do not have to introduce any more furniture pieces to that setup.

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