Are Sydney Whale Watching Trips Family Friendly?

Whale watching is a once in a lifetime experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you’re looking for an exciting activity for the kids, you should consider whale watching tours. They are a great day out for everyone, people of all ages enjoy whale watching excursions. A cruise can spark a flame within any young child, creating a bond and endless love for these amazing animals.

What to Remember

Whale watching trips can last for a couple of hours, so you must think about the kids when you plan a day out on the ocean. Younger children will get tired and bored, so you must have some tricks up your sleeve to ensure they fully enjoy the experience. Although Sydney whale watching is an exciting experience, you’ll need to find some ways to keep younger children engaged and entertained throughout the trip.

Helpful Tips for Whale Watching with Children

Bring Binoculars – To get the best view of the humpbacks and any other marine animals you may encounter, make sure you bring a set of binoculars for each member of the family. Having one set that has to be shared around 4 or 5 people is no good. Your kids will quickly get bored if they have to wait around to use the binoculars. The whales may not swim close to your vessel, so it is usual to come equipped with a decent set of binoculars to see at a distance.

Entertainment – We all know that kids get really bored really quickly, so remember to pack games to keep them entertained when the whales aren’t around. You won’t immediately set foot on the boat and see humpback whales after 10 minutes of sailing. There is some down time while you sail to the best whale watching points, so think up some ways to keep the little one’s entertained. One great idea is to give them colouring books which contain all the different sea creatures they may encounter on the trip. As they colour them in, you can give them some cool facts about whales and other marine creatures.

Weather Conditions – Another important aspect of whale watching with kids is the weather, you should plan ahead and check the forecast when you book an excursion. The temperature is always different on land than on the sea. Temperatures can drop by up to 20 degrees when you start to get out on the open ocean. To keep your little ones comfortable, bring a change of clothes just in case they need it.

Motion Sickness – If your child is prone to motion sickness, make sure they don’t eat a big meal right before they leave and bring some medication to alleviate the feeling.

Your kids will never forget their first whale watching trip as long as you take preventive measures to ensure they are comfortable and contend along the way. The best way to ensure everything goes smoothly is to use a reputable tour operator and plan well in advance when bringing young kids on an excursion.