Why the Nest ThermostatsAre the Best on the Market

As any tech aficionado knows, Google’s variety of smart home products that range from smart cameras to smart smoke detectors is becoming widely famous amongst their general audience. A part of Google Nest’s catalog of smart home products includes the Google Nest Smart Thermostats. At a price point that ranges between $129 to $249, these devices bring with them a number of important features that come in very handy.

With a premium look and additional colors available for the different models, the Google Nest Smart Thermostat series add a more modern and aesthetic look to your smart home.Here are some of the reasons why you should also look into investing in a smart thermostat, preferably from the Google Nest Smart Thermostat series.

Reasons to Buy the Google Nest Smart Thermostats

Installation of the Nest Smart Thermostatsis fairly easy. These devices come with the thermostat itself and the mounting hardware; just simply remove your old thermostat device and replace its mounting plate with the new one. The wiring and configuration from the Google Home app would have your smart thermostat ready to work within 30 minutes! Just refer to the Nest Learning Thermostat manual if you have to.

The Nest has a lot of the features that you would expect a smart home device to have, such as app linking and mobile phone notifications – accessibility and voice-control being the most popular ones!With any smartdevice in general, accessibility is key. Users can have easy access to controlling the temperature through a simple tap on their smartphone and tablets even while they’re away from home, or also just by simply conducting a voice command.

With built in motion sensors, the Nest thermostats have the capability of detecting whether you are at home or away from home. Given that these devices can auto-adjust the power and feature an energy-saving mode as well, these smart thermostats can then simply turn themselves down after detecting inactivity for a certain time period, or switch to an eco-friendly mode in order to start saving up on energy.

This not only helps users with saving up on the extra money overheating and cooling bills but also enables them to cut back on energy consumption and be more eco-friendly; do their part in promoting a greenerenvironment.

Another useful feature of the Nest thermostats is that they support HVAC systems, and through the linked mobile application, they can help determine and notify users if there are any heating or cooling issues in their vents while alsokeeping an eye on whenever the air filtration system needs to be replaced or cleaned.

Brilliant, Smart Features Of the Nest Thermostats

There are a few brilliant features that you wouldn’t have otherwise enjoyed with your ordinary thermostat. One particular smart feature of such isgeofencingtechnology. With this geofencing technology users can now easily set up a location perimeter for the Nest Thermostats to administer. Doing so enables the Nest thermostats to identify whenever you have stepped within that perimeter so it can automatically either turn up or turn down the temperature according to the movement it deciphers.

Through the ‘Routines’ feature, users can create and tweak different schedules in order toadjust the temperature that the house needs to be set to – on a daily or weekly basis based on their routines. This helps users set different temperatures as well as control when the thermostat stays on or offwhile they are away from home during the day,or even to control the thermostat during the night time. Additionally, this feature allows for set schedules to beoverridden if any changes are required – and it is all done through the use of the Google Home mobile application. This can also be done through voice commands through your voice assistants on your smartphones or smart speakers.

Parting Thoughts

The Google Nest Thermostats help users with accessibility in a way that they no longer have to worry about having to get up and adjust the temperature manually or leave the thermostat on or off during the hot summer and cold winter days to come back to a cozy home. Rather the Nest thermostats unlike their more traditional counterparts help save up on the energy bill and provide peace of mind while giving you complete remote control access to your device.

Although the price point may seem higher than what you would ideally pay for a thermostat, it is worth the investment because you eventually save money in the long term. A little bit of extra spending can go a long way in saving your bills!

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