Teach Your Kids to be Responsible for Organizing Their Closets

You have to teach your kids certain things that will help them become responsible and independent. You won’t always be there for them as they grow older. As such, it’s important that you teach them the necessary tasks that they can manage to do.

You can start by teaching them how to organize their closets. It might seem like a difficult task and one that adults have to do. The truth is that kids can do it well if you train them early on.

Give them a reason for teaching the task

Kids will find it hard to follow you if you don’t provide enough reasons. Make sure that you explain to them the value of knowing how to organize closets and why it’s just as important as any other household chore. Let them know that if they have a disorganized closet, they will probably have the same problem with the entire house. Fixing the mess inside the closet will also motivate them to do other household chores.

Teach how to fold clothes 

Folding clothes is essential in arranging the closet. They can’t just place everything inside without properly folding it. You can start with simple pieces of clothing before moving on to the more difficult ones. You can take it slowly until they learn the proper way of doing the task.

Grouping clothes properly is also important

Tell your kids that after they finish folding the clothes, they have to group them properly. Grouping by size, colour or purpose is the most common option. Let them decide what they want and what makes the most sense to them. You have your own way of dealing with the grouping of your clothes and so will your kids.

Deciding what to wear

As an adult, you have a hard time fixing your closet because you can’t decide which items to let go of. You keep buying new clothes and they get stuck somewhere in the closet. Therefore, you need to teach your kids that it’s okay if they don’t have a lot of clothes as long as they can find appropriate clothing for an occasion. While teaching them how to organize their closet, you might as well instil the value of simplicity and individuality when choosing the right clothes.

Your kids will be independent 

Since you won’t be around forever to help your kids, you need to teach them difficult chores at a young age. You don’t need to jump to the difficult part right away. You have enough time to tell them the details of every chore. Your goal is to make them responsible for their actions and fixing their messy closet is a good start.

You might also consider installing built in wardrobes. These would look great in their bedrooms. You will also make them feel excited to start fixing their clothes when they have a nice closet. You can also have one in your bedroom if you want to organize your clothes better.

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