The Ultimate Guide to Choose Interior and Exterior Wall Textures

Wall textures are regaining their popularity and considered trendy and stylish again in 2022. People are considering wall textures over wallpapers as they are highly durable, cover minor flaws and immediately elevate the aesthetics of your home. Wall textures make your space look expensive without you spending a fortune.

Looking for wall textures for your home but don’t know where to begin? You have stumbled upon the right place. Read along to get the ultimate guide on how to choose interior and exterior wall textures for your abode.

Interior Wall Texture 

Wall textures are a great solution to breathe life into your dull interiors and add some character and depth into your space. Wall textures succeed in adding an element of drama to your space and make your space look unique and personal. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind while selecting an interior wall texture for your home

  1. Go minimalistic 

If you are new to the world of wall textures and are sceptical to go all out, the best thing to do is to go the minimalistic route. Choose a wall texture that is simple and natural and blends perfectly with the rest of your décor. Some minimalistic interior wall textures that you can try in 2022 are printed grass cloth, whitewash wood panels and marble.

  1. Be bold

People who want to go all out with their wall textures must consider choosing a wall texture that will give a 3-dimensional optical illusion to your space. The animal print texture is another statement interior wall texture design that will make your home a subject of envy amongst your social circle. A pro tip is to keep the rest of the décor of the room muted if you want your textured wall to be the showstopper of the room.

  1. Use stones 

Do you want your wall texture to add a sophisticated touch to your home? Look no further and add a marble or a tile wall to your space and see the magic unfold. You can experiment with the colour of the marble slab and tiles that you use for your walls.

Exterior Wall texture 

Exterior wall textures don’t just increase your curb appeal but there are several advantages of using wall textures to decorate the exterior of your home. They are highly durable, help to hide eyesore spots and elevate the overall aesthetics of your home.

Here are some amazing tips that will help you choose the best exterior wall texture for your home.

  1. Keep in mind your home theme 

The exterior and interior of your home must always look cohesive and must seamlessly flow into each other. The worst thing you can do is have a brick wall texture on the exterior of your home and use vibrant tiles in the interior of your home as it would confuse and disorient your guests. So, make sure that you pay attention to the interior aesthetics of your home and pick an exterior wall texture that won’t clash with it.

  1. Go classic

When in doubt, choose the evergreen wall textures which will always manage to make your home look elegant and chic. We are talking about classic wall textures like popcorn, stone, wood and exposed brick textures. These wall textures look great with industrial, cabin style and countryside houses.

  1. Be quirky 

People who want to make their exterior walls flamboyant and quirky must opt for coloured tiles or printed grass cloth wall textures. These wall textures are statement and will make your home stand out in your neighbourhood.

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