What are the Benefits of Ink Rub Testing?

Labels play a crucial role in all products, and this includes electrical products and safety products. Therefore, it is essential for a label to last long since it contains very crucial information pertaining to the products.

Despite the high quality of a product, it may not sell without a label. An ink rub tester is used to establish if a label will stand the test of time. If it’s not strong enough, necessary measures are taken.

Testing the strength of the labels is referred to as ink rub testing. This practice helps in promoting product safety and ensures that all products have complied with International standards. The goal is to enhance the value of a product.

What does an Ink Rub Test Involve?

In an ink rub test, a label is normally rubbed against a coarse surface. It’s rubbed several times, after which the labels are examined to see if the information on it is readable. Besides, a variety of fluids including soaps and alcohols can be used to test if the information can be erased.

In most cases, testing is carried out on equipment whose label contains safety precautions of a particular product. Sometimes, even brochures are subjected to rub testing.

It’s important to do ink rub testing, especially on applications that must have visible information despite everything. These are products whose label information can’t afford to fade because of abrasion.

Below are reasons for carrying out ink rub testing;

Increase product safety 

Ink rub testing is essential as it improves product safety. That’s because vital product safety information is written on labels. For instance, machinery labels have information on electrical rating, the model number, warnings, as well as basic usage instructions. Such vital information must be tested to improve the life of the machinery. Besides, ink rub testing prevents potential safety problems.

Note that if the information on the labels isn’t visible to the operator, it could trigger safety problems. That creates a problem for the user or the manufacturer. However, an ink rub tester enhances the durability of a product by making sure that the label won’t fade.

Compliance with international and national standards 

Compliance with international and national standards is important. If your product has complied with all the standards, it will be easy for it to fit in the market. Note that label standards are serious and they pay attention to label durability.

The UL has set high labeling standards. The aim is to ensure that the information on the label isn’t vague. If consumers are well-informed on a product, safety measures are enhanced. That’s because they’ll know how to use the product. This explains the reason most standards demand for a particular level of durability of product labels. Only an ink rub tester can be used to prove the durability.

Improves product value 

The third benefit of ink rub testing is that it boosts product value. A label is the pride of the manufacturer as they can show what the product entails. Each manufacturer wants their product to have a top resale value, as it’s a great selling point.

Furthermore, products with a durable label are perceived to be of an excellent quality regardless of how many years the product has been in the market. Ink rub testing ensures that the label for your product lasts long and that will enhance its value.

Finally, ink rub testing is an excellent way of proving your label’s durability. It also boosts its value and ensures that the products have complied with international and national standards.

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