What Makes Te Amo Cigars So Unique?

Located in the San Andres Valley, located in the southeastern part of Veracruz, Tabacalera Alberto Turrent has preserved a tradition that began in the 19th century in the planting and harvesting of tobacco, as well as in the manufacture of handmade cigars. Since then, Tabacalera Alberto Turrent has gained fame and recognition for its valuable tobacco harvests and great cigars enriched with the experience and care of skilled artisan cigar rollers from the region.

The first Alberto Turrent, originally from Spain, arrived in Mexico in 1880 and settled in the San Andres Valley. Convinced that the land and climate of the place were perfect for tobacco production, he wisely decided to dedicate himself to planting and to harvest the plant in the region. Since then, five generations have been dedicated to the planting, cultivation, and production of cigars.

The combination of rich soils and an ideal climate make the San Andres Valley a privileged place to produce to this day one of the best cigars in the world. Throughout 132 years of history, Tabacalera Alberto Turrent has developed a great respect and admiration for the Mexican countryside, derived from the intimate relationship generated during the process of planting and harvesting tobacco.

For Tabacalera Alberto Turrent, the countryside not only represents the foundation of its work but in many ways constitutes the basis and identity of Mexico; therefore, being a socially responsible company according to international standards is one of its primary objectives. In this sense, this company continuously trains its personnel through courses and diploma courses to achieve organic cultivation that respects the land. Similarly, arboretums have been developed with native species in danger of extinction. A reforestation program has been created in the jungle of the Tuxtla area, through which approximately one thousand trees of native species are planted annually.

Tradition and care in the production process of its cigars are essential to achieve a quality product. Experience and years of study have allowed its expert tobacco growers to carry out the delicate task of manually selecting plant by plant to obtain the most delicate leaves for the production of te amo cigars. After being harvested, the leaves are bound together and carefully cured in galleys naturally or in an environment with controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

When the cigar’s art finally arrives, the cigar master, using his intuition and knowledge, performs the ritual of selecting the previously cured leaves to create the blend for each of his brands, which are distinguished from one another in terms of their strength and notes.

Only the best leaves can be part of Te Amo cigars; the master cigar maker carefully selects each one through a procedure perfected over the years. The cigars are 100% handmade, using a rolling technique that can only be exercised by the best cigar rollers who have learned the art and craft from their ancestors.

Finally, the cigars are placed in sustainably-grown cedar wood boxes. The handcrafted manufacture of Te-Amo cigar boxes is the last step of a meticulously supervised process.

The quality of its products reflects the tradition and care passed down from generation to generation. Each step is meticulously supervised to create a unique cigar savored and discovered with each puff, creating a unique and unrepeatable experience.

In 1963, the company began producing te amo cigars, a leading brand in Mexico and recognized worldwide. Just one year after starting production, te amo cigars began to be exported to the United States and currently have distributors in 29 countries worldwide; one of them is a Bonita shop, where you can find the best products.

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