Holiday flight prices are rising: What to know if you haven’t booked yet

Every holiday season, flight ticket prices soar high on account of heavy demand as more people travel and go on vacations during these times. According to recent studies in the travel industry, it has been found that airfares have jumped dramatically in the last couple of years. On average, there is about a 50-60% increase in the ticket price, though it has happened mainly post Covid. Regardless, it cannot be denied that holiday flight prices are rising like never before.

But what shall you do to avoid paying higher ticket prices and get the right value for your money? Well, here are certain things you must do to deal with rising flight ticket prices, especially when you are booking during the festive seasons like Christmas, New Year, Diwali, etc. 

  • Book As Soon as Possible – If you do not wish to pay anything more than the worth, then it is advisable to always book your flight tickets as soon as possible. Though it is recommended to book at least one month prior to travel departure in general, it is wise to book at least 2 months prior to your holiday during the festive season. This way you can ensure yourself confirm ticket without much hassle.
  • Be Flexible With Dates – Another thing to keep in mind is to remain flexible with dates. Yes! Make sure you have enough days to book your tickets because you never know on what dates you would find the best deal. So, always keep at least one week extra in hand so that you can avail yourself of the best deal available for your flight tickets. 
  • Try a Different Destination – Popular tourist destinations like Paris, London, Rome, Dubai, etc witness a huge rush during the festive season. So, if you can compromise, it is recommended to try a new destination during the holiday season. You can either go offbeat or book flight tickets to not-so-popular tourist destinations like Azerbaijan, Northern Ireland, etc. It is because you can easily get your flight tickets to these less explored places without dealing with crowds. 
  • Lock Prices Using a Ticket Booking App – Did you know you can also lock flight prices on a flight ticket booking app? Well, if not, then it’s time you download a flight booking app like MakeMyTrip as it allows you to lock flight prices in advance and pay the amount later. It will certainly help you avoid the rush which you are most likely to encounter if you do not book your tickets in advance. 
  • Keep an Eye on Last-Minute Deals – You can avail last-minute deals on flights to tackle the issue of rising holiday flight ticket prices. You can follow the social media accounts and pages of travel apps and remain updated about the latest deals and offers. These last-minute deals on flights can help you save at least 25% on your flight prices. You can also download their apps on your phone and turn on daily notifications to stay updated.

So, without any further ado, download a flight ticket booking app and get your confirm tickets right away on special deals. With these apps, you can easily avail festive discounts, seasonal offers, and more.