How to Safely Buy YouTube Views

YouTube is one of the top social media platforms. We spend countless hours every day watching videos. Many individuals have chosen to make the transition from traditional 9-5 jobs to content creators. No matter the kind of content you want create there is a niche for you.

Most YouTubers will tell you to do is film, edit, and upload your content and you can have a YouTube career like me. They will tell you that the biggest obstacle is starting your channel. However, the biggest challenge is getting views to your channel.

Getting people to view your content is hard. For creators who manage to get 5000-1000 views or subscribers have a hard time gaining traction. YouTube and platforms like it flourish on social proof. Social proof will validate your channel. The more views and likes your channel have the greater likelihood your content has of being recommended to users.

Buying YouTube views can help level the playing field. Buying views can help you kickstart the process of getting people to watch your videos. Buying views can help your channels get more traffic and make you discoverable.

Where to Buy YouTube Views

Knowing which source to buy views from is important so you can avoid getting scammed. Buy from sources in your country that do not infringe upon YouTube’s Term of Service. Some scams will bring negative attention to your channel.

Do your research before you make any purchase. Make certain that you understand buying views is a trick that will yield temporary results. Although buying views is a useful tool, you still need to put time and effort into perfecting your content.

Can Buying YouTube Views Get Me Suspended Or Banned From YouTube? 

Buying views will not get you banned from creating content. The worst possible thing that could happen is your video will be for view count gaming. However, you can appeal to have your video put back up again.

It is crucial that you understand YouTube’s terms of service. Individuals will only be banned if the content explicitly or egregiously breaks the terms of service.

Be very careful. YouTube tracks down and investigates creators who violate the terms of service via community policing. Individuals have the power to flag your videos for removal due to copyright infringement or abusive content. The repercussions of this action will lead to severe consequences and you can even be prohibited from creating content on YouTube forever.

Buy Likes and Comments 

If you buy a large number of YouTube views, purchase the likes and comments to go along with them. A substantial amount of views and no likes or comments will make regular viewers assume that your views are fake, and they can report you.

 Buying YouTube views is not prohibited and will not have severe repercussions like other violations. The takeaway is to purchase views in a way that will not bring negative attention to your channel.

On rare occasions, YouTube will flag your content for view auditing. If fake views are discovered, your analytics will be dropped to reflect the number of real views your video has. If this has occurred after you bought views do not purchase from the same source again.

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