Free SERP Checker: How to find best one?

If you’re new to online marketing, you probably know that there are many free and paid tools to help you get started, but what about a free SERP Checker tool? What good would it do for you? How accurate would it be? Let’s find out!

What makes a ‘free’ SERP checker? You just have to specify a keyword or your rivals, the exact search engine to use, and other data to determine where it should show up in your results page. Enter all your desired terms in the box and the SERP Checker conveniently allows you to test them all in one go. The more terms you enter, the more accurate the results page will be, but it won’t be until you’ve tested around 30 terms that you’ll see an accurate ranking for each one.

Using a free SERP checker to find your best positioning in SERP results is a great way to find out your exact positioning, but there are other benefits to using these tools as well. One of the main benefits of tracking your keyword rank through these tools is that you can quickly find out where you’re slipping up. The more time you take to research your positioning, the more likely you’re going to catch it before others do and improve your positioning in SERPs. This will give you a much better chance at getting your targeted traffic to your site and hopefully build a solid business on the way.

But not all tracking is the same. Some tools to track only the number of searches done, never mind result position. Some other tools only report the absolute highest ranked keywords, but not their relative strength. Other free sex checkers only reports the most recently viewed pages, so a new niche or industry may not show up in search results until months later. A real time SERP tracker tool should be able to update as quickly as Google does, so you can get the latest information about your top keywords and the best ways to optimize your site for them.

An accurate free SERP checker will give you accurate results in just a few seconds. As soon as you key in any terms, the system will find relevant sites for those terms and give you the absolute best chances for your chosen keywords to appear high up in search results. The more accurate you are with your free SERP checker, the more accurate your results will be. It’s amazing how fast search engines can move – if you can catch that early, you can get ahead of the competition. If you miss your chance, you might be losing hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

If you want to use a free SERP checker to find out just what your ideal keywords are, an accurate tool is necessary. Google and other engines like it for a reason – it works! As an Internet marketer, you need to know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to promoting your website, and a SERP ranking tracker tool is your ace up your sleeve. Use one of the real-time ranking system tools that give you real-time results – even if you don’t have an hour to kill, that’s no problem. You can start measuring the effectiveness of your SEO strategies almost immediately.

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