A Look at the Nutritional Benefits of Drinking Hemp Tea

Hemp tea, also known as “harp”, is a steeping infusion of dried flowers, seeds and leaf from a variety of hemp plants. When steamed, the little raw plant buds are released into the water. Adding a little amount of fat (in almond or cow milk for example) allows the CBDA to be easily absorbed by the body as fatty acids are fat soluble.

When the infused water is taken from the hot water, it is drunk with the recommended measure of honey (about two teaspoons for each one cup). Many people have reported that while the initial buzz of the hemp tea is similar to being stoned, the effects are actually quite different.

It’s important to note that although the plant Cannabidiol, is a psychoactive substance in the body, it is not structurally addictive like the illicit drugs. It is, however, still a powerful antioxidant and may help reduce blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and even cancer rates in those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

The benefits of hemp tea are also apparent when compared to the medicinal benefits of current treatments for illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. The benefits of CBDA therapy are not entirely clear yet. Although much work is currently being done on this subject, little is known about how it may interact with existing anti-diabetic medications, such as glucosamine, in that only very low amounts have been clinically tested.

Currently, the only way to determine if using hemp may reduce the negative side effects of current anti-diabetic medications is by studying its interaction with other medications, which is not something that scientists are actively pursuing right now.

Since the infusion is caffeinated, it can make hemp tea seem less desirable for some coffee drinkers. However, studies have shown that coffee can be added into the equation in order to make hemp tea more palatable. If you want a super-charged cup of green tea to wake you up in the morning or boost your energy during the day, just add a little brewed cBD to your daily ritual. It is caffeine free, delicious, and may even keep you from snacking throughout the day!

Recent clinical trials have shown that CBD has remarkable potential as an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer substance. In one study, participants who took a standardized dose of CBD oil twice a day for six weeks saw significant reductions in joint inflammation, as well as an overall reduction in pain and swelling.

While further clinical testing is still needed to confirm the potential usefulness of CBD for these and other medical issues, you can buy pure CBD oil online in either a capsule or oil format, which can be made at home. If you want to try a different type of natural remedy, try combining hemp tea with other naturally occurring plant extracts, such as those that have high concentrations of antioxidants like turmeric and grape seed extract.

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