Which Puzzle Game Is More Challenging? A Gamer’s Review of BlockuDoku

We all inherently have the desire to create order out of chaos, which is deeply rooted in the unsatisfying realities of life. However, block games, on the other hand, appeal to the masses since these inculcate the needed balance and harmony.

To fit the shapes of the puzzles is like building, fixing, and understanding things better. Some challenges can be hard, you may feel there is no concrete objective, and you are mostly competing against yourself. But, more than that, the thought that you will ultimately succeed, no matter the difficulties, keeps you going at the game. Block puzzles are so much like life – they test your abilities to navigate through obstacles. But, if you are someone who cannot take even the slightest glimpse of failure, these aren’t for you. However, if you are a risk-taker, here’s an app that’ll give you a feel of those challenges.

BlockuDoku Block Puzzle by Easybrain

BlockuDolu is a perfect blend of Block and Sudoku puzzles. With the creativity of blocks and the rationale of Sudoku, BlockuDoku offers an engaging, smooth, and exciting experience. It has convenient gameplay and a chance to better your performance in puzzle games.

The idea of the game is to keep the board clutter-free, without any guesswork but plain logic. If you move forward based on assumptions, you will end up with a messy board and no space to place any blocks. But, if you work with reasoning, the game will get absorbing, and tons of other features will keep you hooked.

How to Play BlockuDoku?

A 9×9 puzzle board comes prefilled with a few blocks to help you kick start the game. So, your aim is to pick the blocks from the bottom bar and place them wherever you feel is suitable on the board. Basically, the board has to remain clear, and you must keep cracking as many 3×3 boxes and lines as possible to sort the purpose. The only obstacle in BlockuDoku is your ability and the need to work against time – because the more time you spend on the game, the less exciting it gets, and the board remain full.

So, once you start playing, you will eventually master the techniques. You can test your skills with the daily challenges or take up the seasonal levels for that little extra. But remember, the faster you play, the better your scores get. You can keep playing for as long as you want, the game isn’t timed, but you may certainly get out of moves, and the game would seem boring and never-ending.

Try It Out Now!

The BlockuDoku block puzzle game is an excellent one for both beginners and experts. That brief flash which appears when you match the boxes and lines, adds on to the thrill. These small victories lead you to the path of obsessive goal-setting during the gameplay. You may or may not be a puzzle person, but try it out once, and you will fall in love with this block puzzle. It is a powerful virtual distraction for those who need it during these hard times. So, test your skills on your iOS or Android device right away!